Watch Strap Discontinued? Don’t Worry We Can Help!

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Discontinued Watch Straps

Manufacturers will occasionally discontinue a watch from their line anywhere between 3-10 years. This also means they will discontinue parts of the watch, including the watch strap.

There are three main different types of straps: straight ended, integrated and curved.

Straight Ended Strap

Seiko Solar Chronograph with Straight End

There are many options to replace a straight end watch that don’t require the original band.

Just measure the milimeter in between the case lugs and you can find any strap based on that information. It is easier to replace this type of strap so you don’t have to worry about the manufacturer not having the original anymore.


Citizen Eco Drive Promaster Imperial Dive Watch with Integrated end

Integrated watches are a little more tricky to replace. It might be tough to find a replacement when the original strap is discontinued.

Depending on the brand and model of your watch, many times Total Watch Repair can help you replace your band. You can either email us an image of your watch, come in to our store or ship your watch to us. After examining your watch, we will look through our inventory to find the closest match for your watch. Based on that, we will create a band that best fits your watch.

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Seiko Solar Chronograph with Curved End

A curved end watch strap is also replaceable. What we can do is, find a similar band and modify the end pieces on the alternative strap and customize it to fit your watch.

Take a look at this curved end strap we just replaced. This Seiko watch strap was discontinued and our customer wanted a stainless steel strap instead.

Original Seiko Coutura Chronograph

Modified Seiko Coutura Chronograph

Watch Strap Discontinued? Don’t Worry We Can Help!

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