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At Total Watch Repair, we truly take great pride in providing a thorough diagnosis and superior processes that can extend the life of your watch. There is no task too small or large for us to take on. We routinely perform partial repairs, such as battery replacement, crystal replacement, water resistance tests, and other minor repairs, to the complete overhaul of fine timepieces. We can confidently say that you won't have to pay outrageous manufacturer watch repair costs. This is due to the fact that we have a team of in-house watchmakers, we can cut out the middle man and offer more competitive pricing.

Review our 4 Step Process and see just how much time and effort goes into making sure your time piece is properly taken care of.

Step One - Check-in & Diagnosis

Before servicing your watch, we conduct a thorough diagnostic examination and email you an exact estimate. During this process, every watch is documented upon arrival and all service requests are noted. No service will be done without a customer's approval. - See more at:

Step Two - Service & Overhaul

A mechanical watch consists of over 200 parts working together. Over time, the oils and greases used for this lubrication can break down, or dry up. We recommend having your watch serviced (or overhauled) about every 5 years.

Step Three - Polish & Clean

The watch case and band are completely refinished by machine and hand polishing to remove nicks and scratches. Cleaning and polishing your watch's bracelet not only improves its appearance, but can also help your watch retain its monetary value.

Step Four - Testing & Quality Control

The assembled watch is subject to three final tests of pressure test, wrist stimulator and visual inspection to insure proper functionality and accuracy.


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