Citizen Eco-Drive Watch Repair

Eco-Drive technology, featured in many Citizen Watches, is a system that generates and stores power. It is an extremely simple, efficient and eco-friendly technology that provides quartz watches with electrical energy, generated by the use of light. It does not require complicated maintenance and it utilizes a power source that is limitless and totally free. Furthermore, no harmful chemicals are necessary for its production. 

Watches with Eco-Drive technology include a very thin amorphous silicone disk, located beneath the dial. This solar panel converts solar into electrical energy which is then stored. This efficient type of charging enables the use of various kinds of dials. Besides, Eco-Drive system has a special storage cell that guards it from negative effects of a charging cycle. This means that it's owner never needs a battery change. Wrist watches with Eco-Drive are thus equipped to last for a lifetime of use, which is highly impressive for any product.

Up To 5 Years of Functioning When Fully Charged

After a full recharge, Citizen with Eco-Drive system will be able to function from 45 days to as much as 5 years in conditions where there is no additional light. However, most Citizen watches possess power reserves of 180 days. 

Prolonged functioning after a charge is characteristic of timepieces that possess a Power Save Feature. This function conserves energy and it is activated as soon as the watch is not exposed to the amount of light that is necessary for charging (e.g. when under a sleeve). The power save feature conserves energy by seemingly shutting some of the functions. However, the right time is always kept internally. 

Our repairs can be as simple as a capacitor change, pin replacement, or band replacement, and can be as complicated as a dial refinish, a band/case polish, movement clean and overhaul and even a complete restoration.

We have a simple process for mailing your watch to us, our estimates are FREE. 

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