Seiko Kinetic Watch Repair

How Does a Kinetic Watch Work?

Kinetic energy is the energy produced through motion. This type of energy, created by the body's movement is what powers kinetic watches. Motion like swinging your arms while walking, turning the steering wheel while driving or simple everyday movements cause the oscillating weights within the watch to rotate.

The rotating pendulum is attached to a large gear which meshes with a small pinion. When you move, the pendulum turns and spins the pinion at a high speed (up to 100,000 rpm). This is couple to a small electrical generator that charges a storage device (a capacitor or a rechargeable battery). The energy stored in the capacitor discharges slowly over time. Depending on the watch model, a full charge can last anywhere from two weeks to six months.


Kinetic watches usually require maintenance every seven years or so. The battery doesn't need to be replaced, but the watch might need a new main capacitor to store energy and keep time.  

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