The History of Invicta

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The History of Invicta Watches

Invicta, which is Latin for invincible, was established in the year 1837. Raphael Picard founded the company in La Chaux-de-Fonds, Switzerland founded the brand. One of the brands main ideas were to sell fine Swiss watches at reasonable prices. Their headquarters are currently in Hollywood, Florida.

Some of their history includes their Swiss made watch, which was exclusively made for the Naval Fleet officers. Invicta was commissioned by the USSR council of labor and defense to make these watches in 1959

The brands watches used manual winding pieces. However the brand was almost forgotten because of the quartz revolution in the 1970s when winding watches were no longer popular.

Electronic watches such as Casio and Timex brands were also pushing Invicta's manual watches out of the market.

In the 90s, Invicta beganto make automatic watches. In 1991, the brand was bought by an investment company based in the US. Up until then, the company was owned by the Picard family. In 2004 Invicta was renamed to Invicta Watch Group.

Eyal Lalo is currently the President and CEO of Invicta. He is also a third generation watchmaker. His family have been involved in Invicta for years prior. The Subaqua Noma V Reserve was produced by Lalo and even won the Reddot Design Award.

Invicta not only sells watches but they sell a range of products from clothing, pens, jewelry and more. Some of their watch lines even include watches inspired by Disney, Star Wars, The Muppets and Marvel.

Some popular Invicta watches include the Bolt and Venom collections.


Via Invicta Stores
Invicta Venom Mens Quartz 53.7MM Black Stainless Steel Case Black Dial-Model 22354
This Invicta Venom watch retails for $272.30 on Invicta's website. Its Bezel and case is made of stainless steel, and is water resistant for up to 1000m. The dial is actually made of mother of pearl, oyster and metal material


Via Invicta Stores
Invicta Bolt Mens Quartz 52 MM Stainless Steel Case Blue Dial - Model 25529

The Bolt Quartz watch features a signature rope jewelry design which is you can see is around the bezel. The Bolt also comes in different colors and designs. The watches price is $335.30 on Invicta's website.

What We Can Do

Here at Total Watch Repair we have many services that we can do on Invicta watches. We are able to change the crystal of your watch and change the movement. Repairing bands and hands is also one of our services we offer. 

 We also service and replace pushers and offer water pressure testing. Replacing bands, batteries and gaskets for Invicta watches are also services available.

Invicta Bands

If you need to replace the band of your invicta watch, Total Watch Repair also carries multiple bands in different designs and colors.


Invicta Black 24mm Rubber Watch Strap for Pro Diver 21444

This affordable black Invicta band is available on our website and retails at $24.95. It is compatible with the Pro Diver 21444

Invicta Blue and Gold Steel 26mm Watch Band for Invicta Russian Diver 6634.

This blue and gold steel band retails for $124.96 and is compatible for the Russian Diver 6634.

Total Watch Repair also carries Invicta Bands in different materials such as leather, stainless steal and rubber. You can find more bands here.


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The History of Invicta

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