How to Install Seiko Watch Band (w /Push Pins)

Watch Brand: Seiko (straight end band)
*Same video and installation applies for all Seiko models that install with spring-bars*
Fits Watch Models: 7S26-0028
Band Part Number: 4D41JZ
Tools Used: Spring-bar Tool

Step 1

Place the watch case on a cloth with the crystal facing down.

Step 2

Use the spring-bar tool by placing the forked end side in between the band and the lug on the case. Detach the pin and remove the old band from the watch (each side).

Step 3

Place the pin in the new band and insert one side of the pin in one of the lugs of the case. Use the spring-bar tool to correctly insert the opposite end of the spring into the other lug of the watch case (repeat step for other part of band).

Step 4

Test the instillation by firmly pulling on each end of the band to ensure the pins are installed correctly.

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