How Often Should I Clean My Watch?

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Like anything else you wear, your watch needs to be cleaned regularly to retain its appearance and its value. We don’t always like to think about it, but as humans, we’re pretty dirty. We sweat. Skin sheds off of us. Hairs come loose from our body, and oils come out of our skin. This can make a watch look dirty and ugly. Too much dirt can even damage a watch, especially around the links and the crown.

Of course, the more you do with your watch, the dirtier it can get. For example, if you swim with your watch, or wear it while eating, there’s a good chance it will get very filthy! Watch bracelets in particular can get pretty nasty, as dirt can collect inside the cracks. If not cleaned, this will develop odor over time. A regular cleaning can help you avoid rust and corrosion, as well as the clogging of any components inside. Of course, your watch will look nicer, too.

In most situations, you should clean your watch once a month. Cleaning your watch isn’t that difficult, but it can be a bit of a chore. You could have it professionally done, but cleaning the outside doesn’t require a professional level of skill. Avoid ‘ultrasonic’ jewelry cleaners—they can damage a watch.

At the same time you clean your watch, you can also check it thoroughly, looking for any chips or cracks that could let moisture or dust inside. The crystal and crown in particular should be given careful attention. If you notice anything, you should take your watch to be professionally serviced. This is important, as the problem could be even more difficult and costly to repair if it gets worse.   Not sure how to clean your watch? Click here to learn how to clean your watch by yourself!

Not sure how to clean your watch? Click here to learn how to clean your watch by yourself

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