What Do Water Resistant Numbers Mean?

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Watches are not 100% protected from water, they have a limit to water. The only thing that helps water from getting into your watch are gaskets. Gaskets are a small rubber circle placed in watches that protect watches from water, dust and other particles that may be harmful to your watch.

According to Little Jewellers, watches can be water resistant to 30 meters, 50 meters, 100 meters, 200 meters and 300 meters. Watches have their own water-resistant capacity that they can withstand. You can find this number on either the front or back of your watch


Timex 30M

A 30m watch doesn’t exactly mean you can go 30 meters below water. Your watch will be okay if you happen to wash your hands and a splash of water lands on it. It might be raining outside and the rain hits your watch. However, your watch shouldn’t be taking a shower with you or taking a dip in the pool. Be sure to take precautions if you get your watch wet more than it should.


Pulsar 50M

Watches with 50m are suitable for splashes and swimming but not diving, snorkeling and water sports. However, you should still take precautions as the movement of your hand in the water can add pressure.


Nixon 100M

A 100m is suitable for swimming and snorkeling. A watch with 100m should not be taken diving or sub aqua diving.


Citizen 200M

If your watch says 200m, then it is suitable for high impact sports and scuba diving.


Citizen 300M

At 300m your watch is suitable for all of the above. Including saturation diving and scuba diving.

Precautions should still be taken at all times no matter what their water resistance capacity is.

What to do before you go into water.

According to Tourneau, you should take note of some things to do before you actually go inside of water.

Do not turn or press any of the buttons while you’re underwater. You should make sure to press or screw the crown all the way down before entering water. when tightly sealed, this helps prevent water from getting into your watch.

What to do if your watch gets water inside of it.

One thing you will notice if water gets into your watch is that fog will form in the crystal of your watch. You will be able to see moisture inside of your watch. If this happens, you should take your watch right away to see a technician. Any small drop of water can do a lot of damage to your watch. Water can even rust your watch if you wait too long to get your watch repaired.

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What Do Water Resistant Numbers Mean?

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