The Difference Between Substitute and Brand Name Watch Bands

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There are a couple of differences between using the original and a substitute band.

For example, an original watch band will have the brand name on the buckle as opposed to the substitute which does not. Having the brand name on your watch band will keep the originality of your watch. If you have a substitute band the value of your watch will go down.

Substitute bands can be cost effective and are still quality metal. Substitute bands can range from about $35 to $150.

Left: Gold Seiko Band. Right: Gold Substitute band

When purchasing a substitute band, you will need to find one that is the same color as your watch. Some substitute watch bands may be a slightly different color of your watch.

Some gold bands can be slightly different shades of gold. For example, the Seiko band pictured above is more of a yellow gold, but the substitute band has a rosy tint. The Seiko band is also polished and the substitute band has a brushed finished.

The design on some watch bands will be different that the original band. The Seiko band has a different design on the links than the substitute band. The Seiko band links are thicker.

Left: Silver Seiko Band. Right: Substitute Band.

On silver bands, the only main difference is the brand name on the watch. If you look at the links, they have very similar links. The links on the substitute band are slightly less thick than the Seiko brand. The color of the silver bands are also very similar to each other. The Seiko buckle is just a bit longer than the substitute band.

Left: Silver Citizen Band. Right: Silver Substitute Band

The Citizen band, on the left has a smaller buckle that the substitute band on the right. The links also have a different design.

If you have a vintage watch, you likely won’t be able to find the original watch band. In this case, a substitute watch will be your best option to keep your watch looking its best.

The original brand of your watch will fit your watch better. However, Total Watch Repair can find a substitute band that matches very closely to the original version of your watch. We are also able to customize a substitute band to fit your watch.

The Difference Between Substitute and Brand Name Watch Bands

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