Watch Repair Tools and Equipment

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You may be wondering, how does Total Watch Repair fix my watch? In our lab, we have many tools and equipment we use to improve your watch. Each tool serves its own purpose to get your watch looking and working just like new. Take a look at the tools we have and their functions.

Witschi Proofmaster

Your watch might indicate that it is waterproof for up to 500m, 300m 100m or other. Our Witschi Proofmaster is able to tell how waterproof your watch actually is.

This machine has a chamber in which we place the watch. Before placing the watch inside, we make sure to the close the crown of the watch. You should do this before getting your watch near water.


The Proofmaster runs two tests on a watch. This test consists of air being filled into the chamber. The machine then indicates whether the watch is waterproof, depending on the setting we place the watch (Ex: Diver 100m). The second test fills the chamber with air but with more pressure.

If the watch passes the two tests the machine indicates okay for a pass. If not the machine will say fail. If the watch fails, the watch is then moved to a different waterproof test machine. This machine will tell us where exactly water will enter a watch.

Crystal Press

The Crystal Press has two functions:

  • To remove and place crystals.
  • To close the back of a watch.

The way this machine works is we first find the right size dice that matches the size of the watch.

We then press down on the lever of the machine so that the crystal will be forced off.

This same process is also used to close the back of a watch.

Greiner Vibrograph ACS 900


Our Greiner Vibrograph ACS 900 is used to clean the smallest of watch parts. After dismantling a watch movement, the small parts of the watch are placed into little circular colander containers. This way, the small parts will not fall through, but the liquid solution will be able to move freely through them. The baskets are placed into the machine and it goes through a cycle to clean the parts.

Timing Machine: Witschi Chronoscope S1

After a watch has gone through the Greiner Vibrograph ACS 900, the watch is then tested on our timing machine. This touch screen machine is used to tell if an automatic watch is running. 

First we place the watch on the holder the machine has.

 The machine then detects the watch and ensures the speed of the watch. Once it starts its process, you will see small lines forming on the screen. This indicates the speed of the watch.

Polishing Machine

Our polishing machine is used to polish and buff watches and bands.

The brown wheel is used to buff a watch to a satin brushed finish.

This black and white wheel is used for a shiny finished.

Ultrasonic Cleaning Machine

This machine is used after a band is polished. The machine has two colander baskets filled with Ultrasonic Cleaner.

This liquid is used to remove, polishing, buffing compound, and grease from gold, silver, platinum and precious stones.

A band band is placed into the basket. First we set the temperature and speed. The machine then starts vibrating to clean the band.

Last But Not Least, Screwdrivers and Tweezers

Total Watch Repair caters to any watch, big or small. Which is why we need tweezers and screwdrivers of every size. As pictured above, screws can come in every size. These tools are helpful for the tiniest parts that hands are too big for.

Do you think your watch might need to take a visit to one of our machines? Now that you know how we fix and clean watches, consider bringing in your watch to be repaired! Contact us or request a free estimate for your watch.

Watch Repair Tools and Equipment

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