How To Change A Movado Watch Strap

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Movado Watch Straps

We will change a strap for a Movado leather watch, model #87D1823. The model number is found on the case back of the watch. You can search our site to inquire about the original Movado strap by entering the case back number, or you can purchase any standard leather strap. Since the case lugs of the watch can take a straight-end watch strap, any 15mm strap will fit.

Step 1: Tools

The main tool needed throughout this procedure is a spring-bar removal tool, which can be found on our site. Alternatively, you may use something more accessible like a knife or sharp object with a flat tip.

Step 2: Technique

Carefully apply a small amount of pressure using the fork end of the spring-bar removal tool to remove the spring-bars out of place. Repeat the same process to remove the strap from the other side.

Step 3: Installation

Prepare the new watch strap for installation. Insert standard spring-bars into the new watch strap; do not insert the spring-bar all the way inside. Leave a bit of the tip outside of the strap to make the installation process a bit easier, and insert one side first. Using the fork end of the spring-bar removal tool, drive the other side back into place.

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