A Blast From The Past: Watches From The 80s

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From ring watches, to game watches, the 80s were packed with many retro watches. Here is a list of some watches that were must haves in the 80s.

Swatch Watches

Swatch Watch released the Serpent GZ 102 in 1985 and designed by the famous artist, Keirth Haring. 

The watch features a character on top of a green serpent on an orange background. You can See K- Haring in blue letters in the watch. The watch also has a clear case and band that makes the watch unique and retro.

Swatch is very known for their colorful watches with many retro designs. Some designs including color block and retro shaped designs. Click here to find more fun Swatch Watches.

Ring Watches

Digits is a watch company that was established in the year 1987. Based in New York City, they were very known for their ring watches which they specialize in.

Digits has different styles of ring watches. Their watches come in different designs that are retro or formal. Click here to learn more about finger watches.

They had many finger watches in and some that have jewels on them. They were mostly popular in the 80’s. Digits still sells these ring watches which you can find on their website.

Shark Watch

The Freestyle Shark Leash watch was first released in the late 80s. It’s Velcro watch leash was inspired by an 80s surfboard leash. The watch is also water resistant for up to 100 meters. Even though the watch was created in the 80s, Freestyle still sells there newer versions on their website. The bright colors of the watches help keep the retro vibe of the 80s. This watch is also sold in pastels to bright, vibrant colors and retails for $55 on their website. 

Casio Football Game Watch

There’s nothing better than having the time and a game to play on your watch. to pass time. This vintage Casio GS 12 watch was made in the 80s.

It featured a simple game of soccer and consisted of a left and right button to move the little characters on the screen.

Casio also released other game watches such as the Space Warriors GS-16, Zoom N Zap GZ-1. All of these watches also featured two buttons in order to play the game. Unfortunately Casio does not make these types of watches anymore. Click here to see more of these types of watches.

Takara Kronoform

The Takara Kronoform watch or the Robot Time Machine was first made in the early 80s.

The watch turns into a robot which made it the must have watch for kids. The watch came in four different robots which were gray, gold, black and blue. The body of the watch is even able to eject from the watch strap so that you can have a mini robot figurine. Click here to see more Takara Kronoform watches.

A Blast From The Past: Watches From The 80s

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