Citizen Eco-Drive Capacitor Replacement

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Citizen introduced its first solar powered watch in the year 1976. In 1996, they introduced the Eco-Drive watch. The Eco-Drive watch converts natural light and artificial light to power watches. The watch can be charged under natural, artificial light and dim light. As most watch batteries come to an end, so do the capacitors of Citizen’s Eco-Drive Watch. The capacitor of the watch can last up to an average of 10 years, according to First Class Watches. The Eco-Drive watches capacitor is able to store all the energy which is used to power the watch.

Total Watch Repair can replace the capacitor for any Citizen Eco-Drive watch.

How We Replace an Eco-Drive Capacitor

Our technicians first open the case back of the watch with a bench knife.

Then a screwdriver is used to remove the Citizen 295-5600 capacitor from the movement and is removed with tweezers.

The new capacitor is then placed into the movement of the watch,

The gasket which is removed from the caseback is put into a silicone gasket lubricator. Over time, a gasket will dry out, the lubricated gasket is used to keep out water and dirt from getting into the watch.

The gasket is carefully positioned back onto the case back. A watch case back closer is then used to click the case back onto the body of the watch?

Tools used:

  • Bench Knife
  • Silicone Gasket Lubricator
  • Tweezers
  • Screwdriver
  • Watch case back closer

Battery: Citizen 295 5600

Name of watch: Men’s Citizen Eco-Drive Watch (TBD model name)

Need a professional? Hire Total Watch Repair for Citizen Capacitor Replacement


Citizen Eco-Drive Capacitor Replacement

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