Top 5 Best Vintage Calculator Watches

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Almost everyone has heard of Casio's famous Databank calculator watch series. However, Pulsar is actually the first company to introduce the calculator watch in 1975. Companies such as Hewlett-Packard, Citizen, and CompuChron have came up with their own calculators soon after in the late 70s.

 Pulsar Calculator Watch

Pulsar's Stainless Steel Calculator watch were sold from $300-$550. Their solid gold watches were sold for $3,950. The watch came with a stylus to use to press the really tiny buttons. 

The features of the watch were addition, subtraction, multiplication division. Only six numbers are displayed on the screen.

HP-01 Calculator Watch

The HP-1 Calculator Watch released its algebraic calculator watch, HP-0,1 in the year 1977. The watch had different models. When they were first released the gold one sold for up to $850. And the stainless steel watch for about $450.

The watch has many features including, time, alarm, stopwatch, timer, date, and even a calendar. The watch was originally sold with a pen which had a stylus for the watches small buttons.

Compu Chron Hughes Calculator Watch

The Hughes Aircraft Calculator was manufactured in the year 1976. The watch was actually popular because it was associated with the film, Battlestar Gallactica.

The watch has a very simple design. The watch is able to subtract, multiple, divide and add.

Vintage Casio AT 550 Janus Touchscreen Calculator Watch

The Casio AT 550 Janus Touchscreen Watch was manufactured in 1984. The watch had a touchscreen. 

To work the watch you would use touch screen gestures. For example, to add two numbers, you would first draw out a number. That number would then appear on the screen. To add, you would need to draw out a plus sign on the entire screen of the watch and a plus sign would then be displayed on the screen. After drawing your second number, you'd follow that with drawing an equal sign to get your answer.

Citizen Scientific Calculator Watch 

The Citizen Scientific Calculator Watch was released in the late 70s. The watch actually has 41 buttons surrounding the dial of the watch. The screen is able to display 8 numbers for the calculator feature.

The watches buttons included, square root, sin, cos, tan and cube root functions.


Top 5 Best Vintage Calculator Watches

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