Cleaning Leather Bands

Leather watch bands are some of the most common varieties, and they’re relatively easy to maintain. They’re durable and go with just about any occasion. This versatility would mean that the watch owner would likely want to keep the condition of the leather watch band in good standing.

Here are some tips

After hectic activities, be sure to clean the watch as soon as possible. As with spills on a carpet, you’ll want to clean these quickly to avoid stains seeping in and staying there.

The accumulation of dirt and grime can also cause a leather watch band to smell and promote premature wear and tear.

The best types of material to spot clean a leather watch of dirt and grime are microfiber cloths or cotton balls that are commonplace in the home. Avoid paper towels, as these can scratch the leather and stick lint on the watch strap – which can be hard to remove.

Once all or most dirt, sweat and grime are removed, proceed to using a wet cloth with soap to scrub the watch band surface. A clean, wet cloth can be used to remove the soap thoroughly.

The band can be air dried, however it’s essential to never place the leather in the sun, as this can dry rot the material.

To keep leather watch band straps moist and supple, conditioners that are specifically made for leather can be purchased at any retail outlet, or a watch repair store. Be sure to follow the directions as outlined on the conditioner.

The above tips were specific to finished leather watch bands, however unfinished leather straps which offer a unique look and texture should be cleansed with saddle soap. Complete the maintenance with mink oil or other recommendations from a watch repairman.

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