How to Measure a Watch Band

Guide to Watch Band Sizing

Use this guide to help you measure band and length sizes for your watch, you can also determine the type of attachment your watch requires.


Determine the Band size

Measure distance between the lugs (the area where your strap fits into the case). Strap size measurements are made in millimeters.

Watch Band Measurements

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Band Size Conversion Chart

For in between sizes please select the next higher width.

Distance between lugs Purchase a watch band size
1 1/5" 30mm
1 1/10" 28mm
1" 26mm
15/16" 24mm
7/8" 22mm
25/32" 20mm
3/4" 19mm
11/16" 18mm
21/32" 17mm
5/8" 16mm
19/32" 15mm
9/16" 14mm
1/2" 13mm
15/32" 12mm
7/16" 11mm
3/8" 10mm
11/32" 9mm
5/16" 8mm
1/4" 6mm

Determine the Band Length

To determine what length you need, please choose from one of the following methods.

1. Measure your existing strap
If you have an existing leather strap that fits, measure it to determine your required length. Measure leather, only (do not include buckle), using an English ruler (remember, we are using inches to measure length).

2. Measure your wrist size
You can easily measure your wrist size using a tape measure or a piece of string, wrap it around your wrist, and mark where the two ends meet with a marker. Then, lay the thread out flat and measure the distance from the end to your mark on the thread. Next, refer to the length size chart below and choose the size that corresponds with your wrist size.

Chart for band lengths

Men's Band Lengths Inches
Short 6.50" - 7 .25"
Regular 7.25" - 7.75"
European standard 7.75" - 8"
long 8" - 8.65
extra long 8.65" - 9.25
XXL 9.25" +
Women's Band Lengths Inches
Short 6.20" - 6.5"
Regular 6.60" - 7.10"
considered 7.20" - 7.70"

Determine the Attachment Style

Total Watch Repair offers many brands, sizes, and styles of watch bands. Use the images below to determine the type of strap you need. If your watch accommodates a strap with a straight end, integrated or curved end strap we most certainly have the strap for you.

Watch Attachment Styles

Straight End - If your band fits using a straight end, you may use any straight end strap that is the same size width.

Integrated - If your band fits using an integrated strap, you must use the original strap for that watch. You can find the correct strap by entering your case number on the back of your watch into the search bar or email an image of your watch for assistance.

Curved End - If your band fits using a curved end, you may use either the original strap or a straight end strap as long as it is the same lug width size.

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