Replace a Skagen Watch Battery

Watch Brand: Skagen
*Video and battery installation applies to all Skagen models*
Watch model shown: 233SSSB
Tools Used: Bench Knife (KNF-967.000)

Step 1

Find the removal ridge on the case-back of the watch. Wedge the bench knife into the removal spot, and pry the case-back piece off of the watch.

Step 2

Use the tweezers to remove the old battery as well as the gasket located on the inside of the case-back piece of the watch.

Step 3

Use the tweezers to correctly put the new battery in place; use the tweezers to place the gasket in the sealing grease lubricator (to ensure water resistance), then place the gasket back around the inside of the case-back piece.

Step 4

Place the watch firmly on the crystal press tool. Line up the case-back so that the inside curve lines up with where the stem is visible (so the case closes properly).

Step 5

Use the crystal press tool to clamp down on the case-back piece to firmly seal the watch.

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