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How a Kinetic Watch Works

Kinetic Perpetual

The way a Kinetic watch is powered, is through movement. This is similar to an automatic watch. The Kinetic watch also has a rotor which moves through the movement of the wearer. The movement of the rotor turns into electrical energy to power the watch. The energy is then stored into a rechargeable battery that is in the watch. About 250 swings of the rotor will equal to one day of power.

In 1986 at the Basel Fair, Seiko showcased its first Kinetic watch prototype. This was the first watch ever to turn movement into electrical energy. As of 2007, Seiko has sold over 8 million Kinetic type watches according to Seiko.

The Kinetic Series

Seiko Auto Drive

Seiko has released different models of Kinetic watches. They include the Kinetic GMT, Kinetic Auto Drive, Kinetic Direct Drive, Kinetic Perpetual, Kinetic Chronograph and Ultimate Kinetic Chronograph

Each of these Kinetic Watches have their own features that makes them different from one another.

With the Kinetic Direct Drive, the wearer is also able to wind the watch with the crown of the watch..The Direct Drive also has a power reserve indicator which tells the wearer how much charge is left in their watch.

Kinetic Direct Drive

The Kinetic Perpetual has a perpetual calendar that is correct until February of the year 2100.

The Kinetic Auto Drive has a feature called Auto Relay. The watch, once it’s not worn for 72 hours it will go into sleep mode. This helps to reduce the amount of energy the watch uses while its not being worn.

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