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Leather Band Customization

Leather band customizations are very similar to metal ones, in the sense that both involve seeing how the band fits with the case and whether the band is strong enough to hold the case or not. In addition to all this, leather band customizations also might involve trimming the band, and during this process, you also want to make sure it’s still strong enough to hold the case, even after it’s been cut!

Replacing a Metal Band with a Leather One

There will be times when a watch will come with a metal band, but our customers will want it replaced with a leather one, either out of personal preference or the inability to afford a custom metal watch band. However, we are able to replace your metal watch band with a leather one upon request.

Metal Band Customization

Metal band customization involves seeing not only how the existing links connect with each other, but also how the band’s end pieces will fit with the case. This process also requires one to assess how durable the case will be when fitted with the band.

Link Customization

Link customization involves replacing at least one or a small amount of links on a metal watch band, or adding or subtracting them in the event of weight gain or loss for the person wearing the watch. This is a very visual process, according to our company’s founder and owner, Elie Taub. “I’ve had years of practice, so I can usually tell whether a new link will connect with the other ones on the band just by looking at it,” he says. In other words, the size of the link matters if you’re looking to replace one or a few. If you need to replace a larger amount of links on the watch, then a metal band customization will be called for.

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