How to Change a Skagen Watch Band

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Does your Skagen watch band need a different look, or are the old bands in desperate need of replacement? Instead of throwing out a perfectly good watch, you can save it –  just by swapping old watch bands with newer ones.

Please note the written instructions below apply to a bands that attaches with pins. At the bottom of the page are videos that illustrate 1) how to replace a watch band that attaches with pins (applies to Skagens) and 2) how to replace watch bands with Skagen's unique screw attachment used by some watches. 

Several Skagen watch bands are available for you to peruse through on Total Watch Repair. These are all genuine makes from the Skagen brand. Once you receive the watch band in the mail, be sure to use a spring bar tool to help unhook the hinges or pins from the old watch band. Spring bar tools can additionally be purchased online. What else will you need?

A soft cloth to prevent nicks on the Skagen watch face

Good lighting to see properly

And patience. Unhooking the pins from your Skagen  watch may take some time.

Once you place the watch face forward on the cloth, use the spring bar tool to free the pins on both sides – for each watch strap. Push the pins out once this is done, and carefully set them aside to prevent loss. Next, replace the pins from the previous Skagen watch band into the new strap.

Then, go back to the drawing board, by using the spring board tool once again to fasten the pins inside the Skagen watch’s face. Finally, tug on the straps gently to see if they’re secure.

For expert repair services, or Skagen watch band replacement, you can mail in the watch to save the time and hassle.

The steps for doing so are as simple as ordering the mail in service online, and shipping the watch. Doing this will also prevent damages that most often occur while changing watch parts, including watch bands.


Replacing a Strap attached with Pins, Video:  


 Replacing a Strap attached with Screws, Video:

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