How to Replace Movado Watch Bands

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Have you owned a Movado watch for some time now? Does the face still look new, but the watch strap not so much? You can easily swap out the old straps with a new watch band if so you choose. Total Watch Repair has several authentic Movado watch bands, for different series available.

Whether you want to make you watch look shiny new again, or need to change the look, there are numerous options available.

Movado watches are an elite Swiss watch band, with parts that can be easy or complicated to switch out – depending on the Movado series you own. Sometimes releasing the pins take some time to get used to. However, replacing a watch band is usually pretty simple. See the video below for an illustration - the watch brand is different but the process applies to Movado.

The biggest hurdle you might face is just making sure that you have the right tools: You will need a spring bar tool, the new watch band, and a soft cloth to put the watch’s face down, in order to avoid scratching the surface of the glass or crystal face.

The next step is to use the spring bar tool to release the pins, along with the existing watch band gently and without causing any damage.

Then, owners will need to unhook the pins, and replace it in the new Movado watch band that’s needed.

Using the spring bar tool another time, users will then go on to attach the pins to the new watch band inside the face.

Afterwards, the watch straps should be tugged on gently to ensure that the pins are secured against the face.

If you need help with this, consult a watch repair expert.

How to Replace a Watch Band

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