How Long Does a Watch Battery Last?

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No body wants to see his loving watch stop telling time. A watch-lover knows the importance of batteries that give life to the watch. And they are also aware about the need for long-term watch battery. This is one of the foremost criteria for adjudging the quality of a watch battery—how long it lasts. Though the brands claim that their watch batteries are immortal, it’s a general fact that a watch battery lasts for approximately 5-6 years.

But that’s not all! The life span of the battery heavily banks upon the quality of the watch and its age. Functions and the number of times they are used also play a vital role in determining the life span of the battery. As per observation, a watch battery in a new quartz watch, facilitated with normal time and date functionality, could last up to four years. However, as the watch starts to age, the functions and overall mechanism gets worn out. And it starts consuming more power to keep the watch normal. As per the trend, the replaced battery has a life up to one or two years. Candidly speaking, immortal batteries are still a fantasy and one needs to replace his battery time to time to keep the watch in order. To keep batteries last longer, get it tested time to time. And also consult the watch experts how to elongate their life.

Digital watches or watches having multifarious features such as lights, alarms and others consume more power, leading more strain on the battery. That is why; the latest watches have two batteries. To keep batteries last longer, get it tested time to time. And also consult the watch experts how to

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