How Can You Determine Whether a Hublot is a Fake Hublot?

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You always have to worry about counterfeiting when buying a branded watch, especially if you’re buying a popular brand like Hublot. Telling the difference in person can be hard enough, but the problem is that many people are buying these watches online. While there are a number of fake products out there, there are many telltale signs that you can check since Hublot has several distinct design features that most fake watches won’t readily imitate. Here are the main features that you should check when buying a Hublot watch either offline or online.

Glue on Crown
This problem happens exclusively with cheap imitations because most high-end imitators are more careful than this. These cheap manufacturers will actually glue a fake Hublot logo to the crown of the watch. You might notice some small bubbles or a thin trail of hardened glue.

If the watch has this problem, then it probably has many other issues. You might also notice that the logo is misshapen or uneven. You will never notice these issues with a real Hublot.

Winding Mechanism
Wind the watch and see how it feels. If you are accustomed to winding cheaper watches, then you might be used to feeling movement inside the watch’s case. This isn’t the case with a real Hublot. The winding mechanism should feel free and smooth.

If you notice this issue, then you either have a broken watch or a fake Hublot.

Quality Control
Most Hublots sell for tens or hundreds of thousands of dollars. Due to their elite price tag, you can expect amazing and unrivaled quality control. You should never see a Hublot with dirt, particles or other materials under the case. Every watch is free of scratches, fingerprints and any foreign particles.

This is important because the majority of Hublot imitations won’t have any quality control, or the quality will be shoddy at best. You will typically notice some scratches or contaminants under the glass. The print quality may also be an issue.

Everything should look pristine when you buy the watch. If there are any errors with the printing, then be sure to send the watch back as soon as possible.

Spelling and Grammar Issues
You don’t have to be an English teacher to spot these issues. The majority of fake watches are produced by people whose first language isn’t English. This often leads to at least one or two mistakes with spelling or grammar. Many buyers miss these errors because they don’t give the messages enough attention.

Be sure to read each and every message on the watch before buying it. For example, a fake watch might say “Made in Swiss” instead of “Made in Switzerland.” It might also say “Rimited Edition” instead of “Limited Edition.” If there is a single problem with spelling or grammar, then the watch is fake.

There are a few exceptions, but the majority of Hublots will glow in the dark due to a proprietary substance called LumiNova. This substance will glow very brightly even if it hasn’t absorbed a lot of light. The brightness is quite distinctive because it’s much brighter than common glow-in-the-dark substances.

Take a flashlight and shine the light on the dials. Cover it with your hands and see how bright it glows. A poor imitation won’t even glow, but high-end imitations will have a subtle glow that quickly fades. Don’t bother doing this if you are trying to buy a Hublot that doesn’t offer this feature.

Look at all of the screws on the watch. Hublots use a distinctive H-shaped screw that is exclusive to this brand. The vast majority of imitators will just have regular steel screws because the H-shaped screws are very hard to gather or produce.

At the same time, some high-end replicas have H-shaped screws that look very convincing. While the lack of these screws should instantly raise some red flags, you should continue checking the other design factors even if you find H-shaped screws.

Hublot also uses a distinctive wristband that very few counterfeiters can properly replicate. Real Hublots will have a textured wristband with two recessed strips. While some replicas have a textured wristband, the majority are smooth. They also tend to lack the recessed strips and usually have stitching that you won’t find on a real Hublot.

Back of Watch
Turn the watch around and look at the rotor. A real Hublot’s rotor will move very smoothly, but a fake one will move jaggedly and it tends to have a saw-like appearance.

You should find the words “Hublot Geneve” somewhere on the watch. Most replicas will just have a sticker with these words. Real watches will have these words engraved into the body. There are very few replicas that effectively mimic the engraving, and this is one of the best ways to check for a fake watch.

A good number of Hublot watches use a ceramic bezel, but there are some with metallic bezels. If you are buying a watch with a ceramic bezel, then be sure to check the material. Most replicas will have a steel bezel because ceramic is relatively hard to work with.

Big Bang Hublot
One of the most distinctive Hublots is the Big Bang series. That’s because all of them have a multi-part case with several different materials depending on the model. Fake watches will only include a black PVD, steel or gold-plated case. Real watches have a Kevlar layer in the middle of the case.

Buying a watch online can still be difficult, but the good news is that it’s often easy to tell the difference between a real and fake Hublot if you know what to look for. We hope that these tips can help you find an authentic watch so that you can enjoy your beautiful new timepiece.

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