How to Install Battery on Kenneth Cole Watch

Changing the battery in your watch can seem complicated, especially if you have paid a lot of money for a handsome timepiece like this one from foremost designer Kenneth Cole. However, the process is quite straightforward if you have the necessary tools and skills. This step-by-step guide will help you to familiarize yourself with the process.

Collecting the Necessary Tools

1. You will need a case back opening knife or a thin screwdriver to lift the back of the casing and expose the inner workings of the watch.

2. A new battery is a must. If you are unsure of the precise size and power, you can consult your owner's spec sheet or simply take the old battery to a jeweler for an exact match.

3. Stainless Tweezers are essential for grasping the tiny battery, as well as manipulating the slender gasket seal.

4. To make a tight, dust-proof seal, you will need a Watch Gasket O-Ring Lubricator Silicone Grease. 

5. A piece of Rodico, which is a clay-like substance that leaves no residue, is also essential. Rodico is used to remove fingerprints, dust and any other foreign contaminants from the fine inner workings of the timepiece.

6. Watch tool case closer specially designed to help create a tight seal when closing the watch casing is an integral part of the process.

7. As with any watch repair, having a soft cloth available is a great idea. Not only can you lay parts out on it without fear of them rolling away, you can also use a cloth to cushion the crystal watch face while you work.

Step 1

Using a sharp knife, carefully pry up the back of the watch casing. Be careful not to press the edge of the knife into the delicate gasket by inserting the edge only far enough to shift the casing. Lay the casing back on a cloth and take up your tweezers.

Step 2

Locate the battery and carefully take it from its space with the tweezers. Lay it aside and take note of the markings on the back.

Step 3

Remove the new battery from its protective packaging and compare it to the old one. If they match exactly, insert the new battery and press it gently into place. Holding the battery in place, briefly turn over the watch and make sure the movement is working properly.

Step 4

Using a piece of Rodico, wipe away any dust or fingerprints from the inner workings of the watch.

Step 5

Turn your attention to the casing back you removed earlier. Use the tweezers to remove the slim rubber gasket hugging the inner rim of the casing.

Step 6

Place the gasket into the silicone lubricant until it is well coated, and then put it back around the rim where you found it.

Step 7

Use your fingers to press the casing into place.

Step 8

Use your fingers to press the casing into place. Then use the hand press to make the seal nice and tight. This will protect the timepiece against dust and dirt intrusion.

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