What Size Watch Band?

Size (Width):

The way to tell which size watch band your watch requires is to measure the distance between the lugs (where your watch band attaches to your watch). refer to the conversion chart below:
Inches Millimeters
If distance between lugs on your watch is:  You should purchase a watch band size:
1 1/5" (1.18") 30mm
1 1/10" (1.10") 28mm
1" (1.00") 26mm
15/16" 24mm
7/8" 22mm
25/32" 20mm
3/4" 19mm
11/16" 18mm
21/32" 17mm
5/8" 16mm
19/32" 15mm
9/16" 14mm
1/2" 13mm
15/32" 12mm
7/16" 11mm
3/8" 10mm
11/32" 9mm
5/16" 8mm
1/4" 6mm
For in between sizes please select the next higher width

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